Thai instrument ~ Khim วันเสาร์, มิ.ย. 28 2014 

hello all visitors, =D

how everyone is doing right now? im doing fine and i have just finished my examinations last month. all results ( 3 subjects ) came out last week and i found out that  i pass all, im so happy about it because there was one hard subject, out of three, i didn’t think that im gonna pass that subject. but i MADE it!!! so, there’s nothing to be worried right now about my studying. i had applied for new term already on Friday – it means that im going to start studying my major ” Political Science ” ( Year 3 Term 2 ) soon. And it is like i have a short break right now, of course, while waiting for a new set of textbooks to be arrived which i was expect that it should sent to me around July.

i dont wanna waste my times doing nothing and being lazy at home. so, i have made a decision to take Music Class, learning Thai Instrument called ” Khim ” ( ขิม ) i’ve been appreciated it for a long long time because it has kinda sweet sound =D i dont know if it’s gonna be hard or not. but in any ways i just wanna try ~

And today is the 1st time – 1st class – that i have opportunity to play Khim. i like it so much! =D And since today on we’ll learm Khim ( percussion instru. ) an hour a week which i think it is quite short for me – times run out so fast. So, i think that ” maybe ” i should buy one for my own =D for practicing for fun at home. i didnt expect that i would become a pro or sort of. just for fun and know how to read notes and all basics … at first. because right now im not that BUSY yet. i have times. But after i got textbooks, that’s another thing – i’ll try to manage time.

Hmm… i hope everyone is doing well and all.
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New Single by Onmyouza =D วันอาทิตย์, มี.ค. 23 2014 

My favorite band was releasing their new single, Seiten No Mikazuki, on March 19, 2014 and my package has just arrived yesterday. i am soooooo incredibly happy !!! because as a fans, i saw the cutting version of their new MV. and it was really really good – both of MV. itself and a new song too. i LOVE it! =D it could became one of my most favorite MV. out of them ( of course, with a new drummer ” Makoto ” he’s so cool ) So, im very eager to listen to the full version of a song and this time the CD came with an exclusive photo. Kuroneko and Karukan look so great on a pic <333


青天の三日月 / 陰陽座
ゆきゆきて青し / 陰陽座
青天の三日月 (器楽奏) / 陰陽座
ゆきゆきて青し (器楽奏) / 陰陽座

No doubt, Seiten No Mikazuki is such a great track. i love it so much! it is like a mixing, i dunno, but it reminds me of some of their old songs like Kouga Ninpoucho, Nemuri and song on Kishibojin. I hope they will release a full version of new MV. soon. it surely will be another favorite video of mine and OH… i love another track too =D
I love Matatabi’s voice <333 i think I love this band so much til i nearly love everything about them ~ lol. they are unique and i just love them <333

( Looking forward to hear everything new on them <333 )