well, i have been quite busy with my studying and a lots of stuff so i might seem to be disappeared a while from music scene and this BLOG. but, now, i have a little short break to check things up and luckily i have found that Onmyouza ( my favorite band ) is releasing new CDs. ” Ryou Shugyoku ” and even though this time it is not a new album by this year. it is their 2nd greatest hits album which containing with their quite more current songs in 2 disc. and a new song ” 吹けよ風、轟けよ雷 ”  im so incredibly happy to hear this news bcos i really wanna find something to listen to =D so, i managed to buy it as usual. a first press one.

im still TOO lazy to bring out the beautiful pix with digi cam. so, im sorry abt that =D anyways, here is to show you a bit ‘ HOW MUCH ‘ i love them lol. ok here… TA-DA!

the 1st press came with 5 pieces of their portraits. VERY – BEAUTIFUL ones !!!
especially the pix of Maneki and Karukan >///< my favorite members of course.
they are SOOOOOO cool !!! and Kuroneko is very pretty. her voice is a gem!

also, a poster calendar 2014 which i love it so much. love it better than Kishi Bojin’s one because the previous one was too dark for me ( ALL ~ BLACK ) but it was their album’s concept so it’s ok. for this one, im gonna put it in frame later =D

and 30 tracks on CDs, you can check the list up @ CDjapan website
: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=KICS-1990

( LOVE THEIR songs MUCH ) and…
hopefully to hear new works from them soon. keep up!